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This mountain is called Kinihirigala, Mountain Kinihirigala, and Rakshagala. It is mentioned that the Rakshagala mountain which is situated in a rural area is 1450m in height.

                                             According to the legends, the people believe that the real Ravana was lived in Rakshagala. The lord Ravana had been maintaining an Iron Workshop here.. Sculptures can also be seen around the rock for the people who visit here. A very big fire had happened as a result of a fire that occurred in the iron workshop and the workshop had been fully burnt. And the village folk say that these burnt iron had been converted to rocks subsequently.

                                            Village Alugolla can be seen from one side of the mountain. The ash of the burnt iron in the iron workshop of lord Ravana had gone to this village and the village had got its name as Alugolla. If you are coming from Nawalapitiya, Gampola you should travel by Dolosbage bus and have to get down from Village Rakshawa. The distance from Gampola is about 18km whereas the distance from Nawalapitiya is about 14km. The road to the mountain can be asked by the villagers. You have to turn left near the house at the end of the tea estate and have to search for the footpath. This is somewhat a rural area.

                                            When traveling along the footpath of the forest, there's a flat area that suits a night camping. After a much hard journey, when you reach Rakshagala, the mountains around Kegalle and Mawanella can be seen. The Alagalla mountains and the topmost part of Ambuluwawa can be clearly seen.

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