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                        Bombura Falls, you have to drive and walk a short distance.  This is a beautiful place, as you know it is the widest waterfall in Sri Lanka.  From Nuwara Eliya you have to pass Hakgala Malwatta on Welimada Road and turn left from Boragas. This is a carpeted road and there is a bus called Bomburu Ella.

                        Shanthipura (Sri Lanka's tallest village, there is a viewpoint here) Need to buy a ticket, about 5 km from Nuwara Eliya.  You can go by bus, you can go by car, van or any small bus.

                        Galvesland (This is a small town close to town, you can see the birds if you go in the morning, especially the dark blue Masimara. 2.3 km around.  See the wonders of the jungle, this is an old jungle that was not even cut down in the days of the whites, but on sunny days in Nuwara Eliya, it's very dark inside the jungle during the dry season, so don't take it with you because it's too dark, this is a safe place.  No, you can go in any vehicle

                        Holy Trinity Church This is the oldest church built-in 1852. It has a very old piano and there is a cemetery from the time of the whites.

                        Nuwara Eliya old railway station.  Now this is the bus depot.  The old buildings are still there.

                        Single tree hills Here is the Swarnagiri Chethiya Temple on the top of the hill, close to the town, a very beautiful place, you can even see Samanala Kanda  A vehicle can go to the temple except for a big bus if it is a 4w vehicle you can go further up near the tower,

                          Sky Gardens Meth There is a hotel upstairs in Nuwara Eliya.  You have to go on the unique view road, you can just go up and down, big vehicles can't go.

                          The highest mountain in Pidurutalagala is about 8280 feet high.  Since 2012 he has been allowed to go, only cars and van jeeps have been allowed to go.  Sometimes there is no signal or you get in big trouble, there is no charge, you can send up to 15 vehicles at a time, you must take your ID, you can see many beautiful waterfalls in the rainy season, you can't get through because it is a very safe place, there is a small temple upstairs.  Not let go now, there's a rock at the top, here's the radar with the TV tower and the trio.  Wild boars can be seen roaming free, Samanala Kanda, Kirigalpottha.  Ferry, Kikiliyamana, Hakgala, Namunukula, Nuwara Eliya Lower and Ambewela Farm with Mountains, Wind Power Plant, Pattipola, Hotantenna Climb, Kadapola Side, Haputale, Bandarawela Upper Side, Mandaramnuwara Upper Side, Randenigala Side, Pussatlawak Side, If it's not foggy, is it foggy before you go to see it in town?

                         Sadatenna.  It is a short distance from the lake and can only be reached in a safari jeep.  It costs around 2000 rupees and you can see many mountains.  This is a seed potato farm. Pedro Tea Factory This tea factory is on the beautiful side. Punchikale Church St.  Paul the Hermit Church, a place of great miracles.  Make sure you go and make a wish no matter what religion you belong to and it will definitely come true. You can go to Boralanda on Lover's lip waterfall, Udupussellawa road.  Hard on cars and vans.  You can take a bike, or get a wheel from there, get 800, 1000, go and see Ledmaclam Road but it's hard to get. The ice rink on Ledimaclam Road is cold, busy,

                         You can bathe in the river and you can't use soap.  If you want, there are facilities to go cold on the boat on the lake.  On the way to Horton Plains, there is a public place.

                         You have to leave New Zealand Farm, Ambewela Town, buy a Rs. 100 ticket, even a big bus.  Be sure to check out the 8 foot tall bulls, see how the cheese is made, see the rabbits in large numbers, there are restaurants inside, there are good toilets.

 The Highland Milk Powder Factory can be reached on the way to Horton Plains.  No entry.

                          "Eramadukele Falls", you have to go past Ragala and after 4 km on the road at night from Amst Junction you have to go down as far as you can see, any vehicle can come there till then  When you come here you can see in addition to Eramadukele Falls, Eramadukele Podi Falls, Udupussellawa Falls, and Kotabe Uda Falls.  You can come on a bike ride and go here to see the beauty of Sri Lanka.  These alleys have other names, I mean from the names on this side.

                         You can get homemade jam by looking at the strawberry varieties of Mipilimana, which is on Horton Plains Road, you can go to see a strawberry farm, get on a tractor, and definitely show it to the little ones.

                         Mahakudugala (Mountain associated with King Rawana) is on the way to Brookside and the High Forest. Even Knuckles can be seen on this side of the high forest. You can take a dip in Ramboda Falls, a short distance from the road on the way from Kandy.  There are places where you can take a shower.

                         There are many places to bathe in Kotmale, bathing under the bridge has become safer and people on this side call that water golden water, go and see if it is true.

                         If you've on Hatton Road, check out the Melsna Tea Castle, there's a viewpoint, you can get unblended tea here in the tea estates, and the food is more common here.  But a good place to show the little ones.

                         Maxwoods Tea House.  By the way from the ciIf you are coming from Bandarawela via Welimada to Nuwara Eliya and past Welimada to Keppetipola town, do not forget to drink plenty of ginger with mushrooms and hot roti art at Balungala Roti Kade.

                         Everyone knows Victoria Park, Lake Gregory, Hakgala Park, and the Post Office. When you come to Nuwara Eliya, do not stay inside hotels. Walk around the town. No matter how much you walk, you will not break a sweat.

                         Go to the market and bring potatoes and ragala beans from Nuwara Eliya and local vegetables, but the prices are higher.

 Speaking of climate,

 March-April - Summer in Nuwara Eliya can be as hot as 24 c. May-June-July - Nuwara Eliya Hurricane Season: Always dewy with rain, sometimes three days without rain, average 18-10 c  Sometimes it gets very cold. August-September-October - The rainy season is in full swing.  But sometimes it rains well even when the sun is good, the wind is short.  The averages vary between 15-12 c. November - December - Early rains fall in early December and cold starts in mid - December between 15-8 on average This is down to 3 c in 2016. January - February - January The cold February gradually subsides and the evenings begin to rain.  It can be said that there is no rain in general.  The temperature varies between 18-10

                           The average person in Nuwara Eliya may change from time to time, depending on the location in Nuwara Eliya itself.  When it was 12 c in town, about 2 km away, at the foot of Pidurutalagala, I was about 9c, Kadapola Ambewela Pattipola was colder than Nuwara Eliya.

                           Come to Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka to see the beauty and take the train from Nanu Oya to Haputa. There are a lot of places like that.  The biggest climb on the road is on that road, coming across Highforest Brookside there are some very nice place. There are other places that are not easily accessible.