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Stunning Beaches

There are lengthy, golden-specked ones, there are elegant ones with soft white sand. And, there are winds and wave-battered ones, and ones without a footstep for miles. Some Beaches in Sri Lanka have a slow vibe and some have a lively party vibe. But each you choose, the beaches really are every bit as attractive as you’ve heard. In a land where beaches are simply countless, consider the beaches of Tangalla, each with its own personality, and each fascinating in its own way,  yet all effortlessly visited in a day. There are very attractive and gorgeous beaches in Sri Lanka you should visit in a lifetime.


Traveling by Train

Occasionally there’s no way to get a seat on the train to go Ella. But with a prime standing-room-only spot looking out at a rolling carpet of tea. And Outside, the imaginative silk saris of Tamil tea pickers stand out in the sea of green inside, you may get a shy welcome via a smile. At stations, sellers hustle treats, with some wonderful corn and chili fritters sold wrapped in somebody’s old homework paper.


Uda Walawe National Park

This massive chunk of savanna grassland centered on the Uda Walawe reservoir is neighboring Sri Lanka gets to East Africa. You can achieve unlimited amazing experiences from the udawalawe national park safari tourThere are herds of buffalo. Sambar deer, crocodiles, masses of birds, and elephants, and we don’t just mean a few elephants. We mean hundreds of the enough to send shivers down the spine. Few elephants. We mean hundreds of the big-nosed creatures. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that for elephants. And, Uda Walawe is identical to, or even better than, many of the well-known East African national parks.


Ancient Anuradhapura

the ancient city of Anuradhapura, big bits of Sri Lanka’s cultural and sacred heritage sprawl across three sq km. In the Center is one of the world’s oldest trees, the Sri Maha Bodhi. That it has been tended uninterrupted by record-keeping guardians for all those centuries. It is enough to send shivers down the spine. The surrounding fields of crumbling monasteries and gigantic dagobas attest to the city’s role as the seat of power in Sri Lanka for a thousand years. Biking through this heady past is a delightful experience.


Soaring Sigiriya, lion rock

The rolling gardens at the base of lion rock, Sigiriya would themselves be a highlight. Ponds and little artificial rivulets put the water in these water gardens. And offer a serene idyll amid the sweltering countryside. But look up and catch your jaw as you ponder this 370m rock that erupts out of the landscape. Etched with art and surmounted by ruins, Sigiriya is one that the wonderful museum tries to dissect. The climb to the top is a wearying and worthy attempt.


Bundala National Park

With all the crowds heading to nearby Yala National Park. its neighbor to the west, Bundala National Park, regularly gets overlooked. But with the park’s huge sheets of shining waters ringing your with the sound of birdsong, skipping it is a big mistake. Abundant has an attractiveness that other parks can only dream of and is one of the finest birding destinations in the country.


Adam’s Peak Pilgrims

For over a thousand years, pilgrims have trudged by candlelight up Peak to stand in the footprints of the Buddha, breathe the air where Adam first set foot on earth, and see the place where the butterflies go to die. Today travelers join the throngs of local pilgrims and, as you stand in the predawn light atop this perfect pinnacle of Adam’s Peak rock and watch the sun crawl above waves of mountains, the sense of magic remains as bewitching as must have been for Adam himself.


Kandy Cultural Capital

Kandy is the cultural capital of the island and home to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic said to contain a tooth of the Buddha himself. For the Sinhalese, this is the holiest spot on the island.  but for tourists, Kandy offers more than just religious satisfaction there’s a pleasing old quarter, a pretty central lake, a clutch of museums, and, in the area, some beautiful botanical gardens. In case you need more blessings from the gods, there’s also a series of attractive Ancient temples.


Horton Plains & World’s End

The wild, windswept Horton Plains, high up in Sri Lanka’s Hill Country completely unexpected in this country of tropical greens and blues, but they are far from unwelcome. You’ll need to wrap up for the dawn hike across these bleak moorlands – it’s one of the most pleasurable walks in the country. And then, suddenly, out of the mist comes the end of the world and a view over what appears like half of Sri Lanka.


Galle Fort

Human and nature have joined forces in Galle fort in Sri Lanka to produce an architectural work of art. The Dutch constructed the streets and buildings, the Sri Lankans added the color and style. and then nature got busy covering it in a gentle layer of tropical vegetation, humidity, and salty air. The result is a delightful old town that is home to dozens of art galleries, quirky shops. and boutique cafes and guest houses, plus some splendid hotels. For tourists, it’s, without doubt, the number one urban fascination in the country.