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The Chariot Path The Lord Rawana is located at the end of Ramboda in the Pidurathalagala range. It is a symbol of the natural beauty associated with the legend of Lord Rawana. According to legends, Real Ravana took the goddess Sita from Lankapura to Asoka Vitara. And, during which time he drove his vehicle through this place and it is clear that this place was created at that time.

The journey started from the PusselvaPerettasi estate. That is, first take the Kandy-Nuwara Eliya route to Pussellawa and then take the bus from Pussellawa to Peretti.

After about 11 miles you can reach the Supervisor's Bungalow on the Perettasi Estate. From there you have to continue on the concrete road in front of the bungalow.  And, from there you have to walk about a kilometer after entering a tea garden. Once along that footpath, the road divides into 3 sides.

You will need to continue along the middle lane. After a short distance, you will find two lanes and the right footpath. If you find a black rock on the left side of the road, you can take the right path and proceed to the location on the chariot path.

Here is Considered one of the coldest climates in Sri Lanka. you will have the opportunity to experience the beauty of the various kind of flora and fauna inherited from the rain forests and mountains.

this area has a very cold climate. so every morning there is snow on the flowers. this makes the environment more beautiful.

This mountain range is situated at an altitude of more than 2100 m above sea level. And, It is very similar to the MahaEliya Plain or Horton Plains Park. Pidurutalagala Reserve is located on one side and Kotmale Oya on the other. Mountains and other large areas can be seen. That is, Chariot's path is a place with a wide view.

The location of this empty area in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by low-lying bushes. it makes one wonder what it means to be known as the "Chariot Path".

Another highlight is a small pond at one end of the plain.

According to the folklore, the pond was created from the tears of Goddess Sita. she was brought by Lord Ravana. The villagers believe that the pond does not dry up even during a severe drought.

It is amazing to look at the clouds with the flowing cold winds, the lush bushes, and the green-yellow meadows. Also, on a foggy day, you can see the sunrise as well as the sunset from this place.

If you have the chance to experience night camps on a clear day, you will never forget the amazing view of the sky.

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